updated 07.04.2001

mutable muzzy musics is an interactive loop based remix installation. the original music tracks are located on the harddisk. the system works with any loop based music. at the moment there are two cds on the hd - all released on mille-plateaux. the first one is 'makesnd cassette' by snd, the second one is the compilation 'clicks_+_cuts'.

the upcoming mille-plateaux 2001 tour will feature the newest version of the installation with the new clicks&cuts2 release.

see video recorded in 2000 at CCA California College of the Arts, San Francisco.

waveform display of the first cd of 'clicks_+_cuts'


InvSys heavy duty controllers permit to control the following parameters:

on/off [0/1]:
switches the complete system on or off. it's the best proof for users that the setup really is interactive.

volume [continous control]:
yes. volume.

next track [0/1]:
switches to the next track. there are currently 27 tracks in the system.

loop position [continous control]:
the track is devided in consecutive loops. when the contoller dial is in its leftmost position, the first loop of the track is triggered - on the rightmost position the last loop of the track is triggered - if you dont change the loop position the current loop will be retriggered forever - in theory. the led on the controller lights up each time the current loop is changed.

waveform display of the first part of track 6 of the 'clicks_+_cuts' cd with loop markers.

delay [0/1]:
delays the signal 2/3 of the current looplength by default. the delayed signal is mixed with the stereo sum.

granular transpose [continous control]:
is a granulating pitch shifter. in the middle position the sound is most similar to the original. turning the controller to the left the sound seems to increase the subfrequencies - similar to a lowpass filter, but different - turning the knob to the right will increase the high frequencies. aditionally there are some artifacts added to the sound signal.

reverb [0/1/2/3]:
there are four presets for the amount of the dry/wet ratio of the reverberation. the leds of the reverb controller also light up each time the loop is triggered.


image above:
the upper part of the screen shows oscillograms of all the 29 tracks displayed vertically. the current track is the one highlighted in the centerfield. it is shown in more detail and displayed horizontally in the middle portion of the screen. the highlighted cursor in the middle of the screen shows the current loop, which is shown in more detail at the bottom.


image above: display of the current parameters. the i-beam below 'current_loop_position' displays the current loop position graphically mapped on the x-axis of the screen width. the cursor blinks in synch with the loop trigger.


download some soundfiles that were recorded direct from the systems stereo output during an installation at profile intermedia / bremen [03.12.99 - 05.12.99]

frank bretschneider - kern remix / on clicks_+_cuts - mille-plateaux [mp3 - 2.3 mb]
skist - shift remix / on clicks_+_cuts/mille-plateaux [mp3 - 2.3 mb]
sutekh - unstabile remix / on clicks_+_cuts/mille-plateaux [mp3 - 2.3 mb]
snd - 3:48 remix / on makesnd cassette - mille-plateaux [mp3 - 1.9 mb]
snd - 5:18 remix / on makesnd cassette - mille-plateaux [mp3 - 2.8 mb]


mutable muzzy musics was programmed with max/msp.

technical requirements of the installation


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