schleifen - gallery brasilika, vienna, 20.05.97 - 30.05.97

concept of the exhibit

the installation connects two previously unconnected art pieces with electrial wires:
on the left a modified fridge, which got two ears due to a physical cut and paste process, by herbert warmuth. on the right a monochrome grey painting made out of aspirine by claus richter. two microphones were mounted on the fridge (which was switched on during the exhibition) and were connected via amplifiers to two loudspeakers. the amplified sound of the refrigerants flowing in the conduits made an epic stereophonic sound which fitted perfectly to the 16:9 screen format of the painting.

invitation card designed by involving systems

"schleifen" group exhibition curated by hubert salden, featuring margret eicher, daniel faust, parastou forouhar, sabine hartung, tilman lothspeich, michael reiter, claus richter, jens risch, andreas rohrbach, saskia schüler, herbert warmuth, max wolf and involving systems. the exhibition was located at
the galleries "super-u" and "brasilica" in vienna 20.05.97-30.05.97.


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