logo of the 'sample it' workshop
announcement in the flyer

invsys 3.1 - brk_b.t setup, gent, kunstencentrum vooruit, 03.12.98

the setup consists of two computers with keyboards in front of two retro hewlett packard monochrome displays. one of those terminals controls the drums, the other one the bass. d&b basically. both have a beta version of the brk_b.t software running, one with breakbeat drumloops, one with darkstep bassloops (no u-turn/optical style). synchronized to the sound there is a realtime videoprojection that is envisioning diverse parameters from the sound source. technically spoken there is the brk_b.t software sending midi signals to a pc running a custom app using a 3d accelerated graphicscard.

the "sample it" party was the final event of a sampling workshop that took place at the kunstencentrum and was organized by gerd keunen.

see video in 28K or DSL

one of the two terminals in front of the projection
on the synched projection in the back you can see that the drumloop is currenly at slice number six.
the involving systems neonbox with headphones (just in case)
inside the brk_b.t software
the sequencer
a drum and a bass operator
in control
disordered hair
bunch of junglists
video projection with a streched "2" for the second slice of the drumloop being played at that moment.
the radar style shape revolves once per drumcycle
on the bottom you can see the waveform of the drumloop

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